Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 49 a very nice sting in the tail

The snow stopped last evening but not before it had added about another 5 cms of fresh since closing yesterday. We headed for the hill in temps of about -8 and blue bird day which held good to lunch time before it clouded over.

We went to the New side to go to Currie bowl but it was shut following the snow of yesterday evening. We ripped up and down White pass a couple of times in the super soft powder enjoying the great viz which had been missing yesterday.

After a couple of runs we drifted out the Surprise Trees and met a patroller buddy on the way to flip the signs on the traverse so we went in for first tracks. Surprise was ok with soft powder at the top and a good covering lower down providing a nice cushion on what had obviously previously been breakable crust. Spent the whole morning doing maximum speed loops in Surprise having got separated from my buddies and must have made at least 7 loops. The Gun bowl was great every where you went but by the end of the morning the snow in Surprise was getting quite sun affected and heavy.

We ran off the hill for lunch through Triple Trees which surprisingly good with a load of untracked stuff all the way down.

After lunch Currie bowl opened and we did a first run through testing to find if the traverses were open - which they weren't. The snow was a bit wind blown but deep in some of the gullies. We then made two more runs back into Currie Glades which were soft powder just like yesterday.

We intended to loop Surprise but found Anaconda open and found an untracked chute on the far side which was just awesome. Just time to do one more loop through Anaconda from the top which no one seemed to have noticed was open and was awesome untracked powder to the cat track. A final drop down Bootleg was a massive improvement on yesterday with the new snow giving a soft covering on the breakable crust.

Looking forward to tomorrow when I anticipate a full Currie opening with access to the front side runs - here's hoping.

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