Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 48 Alls well that ends well

This was a day that started off fairly well short of ok and ended up on the right side of very acceptable.

It was about -2 at the base and -8 at the top as we arrived and overcast with very flat light and bad viz up top. Yet again we went to the New side to stalk a Currie opening and yet again we found ourselves looping and waiting as it was closed. First run down Puff showed us where the snow had blown from in the night (the report showed 8 cms of fresh) and the job of the morning was to find where it had blown to.

Gun bowl had loads but very bad light. Highline trees were untracked with some fresh. Highline had good soft deep snow on the right where the trees had killed the wind. Firey Hornet was also good due to wind shadow. Several trips into the toilet bowl showed that the aspect was just right and there was good deep snow but a hike out was needed. Milky Way trees was good in places and swept in others so you just had to pick your track to get best effect.

We were just getting ready to run down to lunch when they dropped the fence on Currie and we were the first ones in. By that time it had started to snow and continued all afternoon and into the night getting heavier and deeper as the day went on. Light was bad at the top and a sign line was closed all the way down Currie Powder so no trips to the chutes. We cut into Currie Glades and were rewarded by deep soft tree skiing all the way down. We then tried Bootleg which was ugly crust and not much fun, later I ran into a buddy from Patrol who confirmed that there was a band of unsupported crust around the Bootleg level which they had christened the sh-t band, and I agree.

For the rest of the day we spent our time with 6 loops of Currie Glades which just got better and deeper every time. Late on it was so good that I could fly the cliff in Currie Glades with no problems. Each time on the loop down to White Pass we dropped Puff trees which similarly got better and deeper. By the end we were having good powder skiing albeit with occasional base scrapes all over the hill.

Beers, hot tub, quiet night in and more beer. Early start anticipated to take maximum advantage as the snow seems to have stopped but is forecast to start again tomorrow.

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