Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 50 and the cost of skiing drops below an average of 20 bucks a day

First thing to comment on was that for a Sunday the hill was quiet, I mean really quiet like we didn't have to wait in line more than a couple of turns all day.

We got to the hill first thing and found that temps were around -1 which was much warmer than forecast. For most of the morning we had cloud and even some flurries of grappel on the hill while the valley enjoyed sun. As the day moved on we had good sun all over the hill so that there was a general softening followed by a pretty serious set up on the north facing surfaces as the sun set at the end of the day.

We went to the New side still convinced that the old side skiing would be pretty scratchy and a conversation with a buddy late in the day convinced me this was a good decision. Surprise Trees was good fun in blow in for a couple of loops while we waited for Currie bowl to open. When the bowl opened we ran through looking for the traverses to the chutes which remained shut so we dropped Bootleg Glades which were pretty scratchy in the first couple of turns in the trees but got better as you went down.

As the traverses were not open we tried a couple of loops through Anaconda Glades which as always were steep and soft in the top but now with some covered avi debriis in the lower sections which made the ski out a bit technical. At Timber chair a buddy mentioned that the Currie traverses were now open and that was it for the day - we just looped the front side runs until close -
Skydive - had to be first as it has been closed for over a week and was a bit slabby in places but good heavy powder as long as you kept your speed up.
Stag Leap - best of the bunch with great untracked skiing through the trees and soft deep untracked powder all the way down on the right hand side.
Cougar Glades - A little crunchy under the trees where last weeks snow had been washed off in the rain but overall good and mostly untracked.
Declined - Rather slabby in the top section but becoming nice chopped up powder in the lower sections.
The Brain - Very interesting as it was powder all the way down with very few tracks and some great jumping over the ground logs. A bit crusty in some of the wind affected areas but for the most part very good tree skiing in good enough powder.
Window Chutes - Top section mostly untracked and the log drop reduced to a soft 5 foot. Managed to stack it in the slab on the ski out but rolled up right and carried on - not one of my finest moments.

Finished with a loop through far side Anaconda which was still untracked even that late in the day. A final traditional rip through Skydive showed that the snow was setting up pretty quick in the cooling conditions and best skiing was going real quick to stay on top all the way down.

More snow in the forecast.

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