Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 47 got better as the day went on

You could almost write today as a straight re run of yesterday but with steadily improving conditions and more snow.

We arrived at the hill hopeful of Currie opening (which it didn't) with a plan of hanging about in White Pass to see what happened. The temps were about -4 at the base and -8 at the top with conditions socked in and snow which continued albeit quite fine all day. First run through Puff Trees ( Lift Line was still closed at the sign line) proved that conditions were much the same as yesterday with a covering of dust on a firm base goind to breakable crust as you got lower down.

Just like yesterday we put many loops off White Pass in different permutations of -
Gun bowl - really soft sifted snow becoming almost deep powder by the afternoon but with very flat light and poor viz.
Runs back under the lift - Similarly filled in as the day went on.
Milky Way Trees - many different ways all with some parts wind swept crust but also many parts of wind piled up powder to give some nice powder turns.
Toilet bowl - Mostly untouched because of the possible work on the exit and getting pretty deep in the final depression.
Highline and Highline Trees - filling in with windsift and new snow pretty well as fast as we could ski it.
Firey Hornet - ducking in just below the closure signs gave loads of untracked snow.

Runs off the hill always through Diamond Back which by the end of the day was full of new snow and wind sift to the point where you could actually see your own art work after skiing a pitch. Amazingly the final run out of the day through the Meadow was on about 4 cms of fresh snow which gave such a mellow ride after the ice track skiing we have been doing there over the past few days.

As we left the hill it was still snowing and -3 so opening conditions tomorrow should be even better with a good chance of Currie bowl opening having been closed now for 5 days. Looks like the snow has stopped now in the valley but who knows on the hill - fingers crossed.

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