Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 46 even after all we have had there was still some powder

Temps dropped overnight so that at the start today we had -14 and the lightest amount of dust on crust imaginable. It was a fairly clear bluebird day for most of the day and although the cold overnight temps had hardened the base quite a lot there was still a lot of good skiing to be had.

We went to the New side in the hope that White Pass would be open - it wasn't but we got word it would open during the morning so we just looped Timber chair while waiting. Puff trees, Black Cloud and Diamond Back were all harder under foot than yesterday but with some light dust on top and just about skiing ok.

They opened White Pass and things were just as we expected, good powder at the very top becoming a little scratchier by the time you got back to White Pass base. We spent the rest of the day making multiple loops in various permutations of -
The Gun bowl - fresh powder all over with a bit of avi debris and a couple of snow pits to keep you on your toes.
Highline Trees - powder most of the way down and hardly tracked until quite late in the day.
Highline - nice soft snow in the top getting a bit firm at the bottom and quite slick where you went over the ridge under the lift.
The Lift line from the ridge - a little avi debris to avoid but good soft snow taking an edge.
Milky Way Trees - Done several times and was run of the day as there was untracked powderish snow all the way down to the cat rack even through to the end of the day.
The I bowl - had some avi debris out of the Knot chutes but good if that was avoided. Unusually there was sign line above Firey Hornet so you couldn't get out all the way to Surprise Trees not that I think that would have been great skiing.

Our trips to base at lunch and at the end were via Diamond Back which seemed pretty crunchy and slick compared with what we had been skiing.

Beers, no hot tub as the service company have done a water change and it hasn't warmed up yet. Quiet night in watching hockey on TV and keeping fingers crossed for the moderate amounts of snow in the forecast.

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