Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 60 more than dust on crust but not much more

Having got completely wrecked last night on Jamesons it was amazing that we actually got to the hill before 9 and ready to ski at first turn. The buzz when we got to the hill was that the whole of the Old side lift system was down due to a high voltage fuse blowing. This proved to be right and although they hoped to get things running during the morning it was almost 1 before the Elk chair started to run. Of course there were refunds on the day tickets because of this - only joking of course, the ski hill is the only business I know that can't see anything odd in the fact that when they offer less than half the facilities that you have paid for they just go right on charging you the full price - nice work if you can get it.

There had been 5 cms of fresh overnight ( the first new snow in ages) and during the day we had continuing flurrries. This amounted to just a little more than dust on crust but not much more. The base hung in at about 210 cms and the temps hovered just below zero all day so the snow we had did at least stay in ok shape. Flurries all day added to the base and with the Old side not available we headed to the New Side.

Crowds were ugly as you can imagine with weekend crowds just on the one side. To be fair my buddy visiting from Europe thought that the crowds were pretty light for a weekend so I guess it just depends on what you are used to.

Usual stuff through Surprise Trees, Anaconda ( far chute) Bootleg ( trees), Cougar Glades , Mitchy chutes, Concussion all proved ok with the new snow improving conditions if not exactly providing awesome powder. Finished with a run down Decline followed by a drop into Window chutes where the log drop was only about 5 ft and the lower chute was much improved with the new snow.

I the afternoon we returned to the New side which was now deserted as the Old side was open. All the Currie chutes were acceptable but well skied. About 2:30 stuck our nose in the Brain and were amazed to find it untrscked top top bottom which was surprising at the top but given the scratchy conditions at the bottom maybe less so. A short trip into Surprise boonies resulted in me finding a very expensive Canon camera which I handed in to gust services.

Last run top to bottom without stopping down Skydive was nice soft bumps getting a bit harder near the bottom. In summary a nice day but no more snow in the out look. Quiet night called for.

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