Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 64 hopefully a more sensible report

Yesterday the report was a bit patchy as we were entertaining Bobby from the ski club of GB and by the time I came to doing the blog we were several bottles of wine to the bad (or good depending on how you look at it). Tonight isn't a whole lot better as our guest this week Dave insisted on taking us out to the ever excellent Lizard Creek for a thank you meal.

Today started overcast with temps at about -1. during the day base temps rose to about +3 while the upper mountain temps stayed just below zero. We had light flurries in the morning which faded during the day so that by the end we had quite clear skies which means tonights temps should drop to around -5 but no real snow in the offing.

Hit the new side and found odd snow conditions in that the snow that had been on the ground became very heavy and chunky whilst in places it was very hard and slick and running much quicker than you would anticipate. Did several loops in Surprise which was ok but tougher than before while we waited for Polar peak to open. By late morning it became apparent that the viz wasn't going to allow the peak to open so we started to move out into Currie having good runs in Concussion, Anaconda, 1-2-3s and Cougar Glades - all ok but harder work in the harder snow.

In the afternoon we gave the old side a test and found exactly the same conditions. Cedar ridge and King Fir were fine in the top and loops out to Steep and Deep and Gorby bowl were good but hard work. Gorby was particularly good by hitting the alders left found some knee deep untracked all the way down to the gnarly section.

Finished through Boom and Buckshot which while not really signature runs were nice bump skiing. The Kangaroo count was 5 times with the lower section getting a bit soft so when it re freezes it's back the hard times.

Currently -3 and no sign of new snow but the hope of a Polar Peak opening tomorrow.

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