Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 59 some new snow but not a lot

We had been hoping for snow over night but no chance. Looking out of the window following a midnight pee I noticed that the whole of the Lizard range was glowing under a full moon which looked very pretty but gave the clear indication that there was no cloud and therefore no new snow.

At the hill the conditions were ..... to be continued......... Being continued but now after a hot tub, lot`s more beer and some whiskey, bad Rob and Katie for coming round and forcing me to this.

The hill was overcast as we arrived and showed signs of snow. During the day the temps rose to -1 and eventually the snow set in but very light and has continued ever since so we have to hope for something a bit stiffer tonight or all we will end up with is dust on crust.

Tried the old side and found it not as good as yesterday. The snow seemed to have chunked up so Cedar ridge, King fir , Gorby bowl, Steep and Deep and Redtree were all sort of hard work all the way down with the need to keep your eyes on what the skis were doing or they would try and get away from you. Boomerang and Bear chutes were in ok shape but again you had to watch the surface which could be very stiff in places. As always returned through an icey and ugly Kangaroo 5 times which as have said before was challenging and as such was great fun.

In the afternoon hit the New side and spent our time heading out further and further into Surprise Trees to get fresh snow. To our amazement we found some untracked in the trees but by that time we were almost out as far as Diamond Back, but by this stage any fresh counts.

Anaconda was in better shape than you might expect and Bootleg was tracked out but ok. Linking up with my Aussie mates on their last day we did a bit more out in the boonies in Surprise then headed out on the County Line, hike Cornice chute which was quite good then took the traverse out to Cougar Glades. By dropping the Glades in a sort of fall line track near the trees there was still plenty of good stuff most of the way down but your judgement had to be pretty good. Lower part was scratchy but not as bad as the last two days.

With the Snow Dreams Party at the Griz we hit Corner Pocket for some quiet beers and managed to put away quite a few. Still light snow so see what the morning holds.

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