Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 65 and another Polar Expedition

Yes, it happened today, Polar Peak opened for hiking and the snow in Polar chutes was pretty good, about 20 cms in the best spots but back to the start.

Overnight things cleared and cooled down so that it was about -7 when we got up this morning. Arriving at the hill it was nearer -5 with valley cloud and as the temps rose we saw the cloud burn off and we were left with high cloud, overcast conditions but generally ok snow. Of course no new snow but there is some snow/rain mix in the out look.

Spent the morning looping on Whitepass waiting for Polar Peak to open which from all the signs was on the cards. The snow seemed to have dried out and got a bit lighter so we had some good runs through Surprise, Anaconda, Concussion and Cougar Glades while waiting.

Just before midday Polar Peak opened and the race was on. No one seemed to be much interested in hiking so we were about 6th up the boot pack and had fresh 20 cms of pow all the way down the Polar chutes to the County line followed by arather ambitious ski out through Stag Leap which seemed a bit chunky but that my just have been tired legs. A final loop round through Easter ( still rather chunky) followed by a late lunch.

In the afternoon had another couple of runs through Surprise just to get the legs in shape then another hike up Polar Peak. from the top you could see weather coming in from some way off hence the optimism regarding more snow. As before the run through Polar chutes, number 1 this time, were pretty good.

By the time this was all over there was only time for a traverse out to Cornice chute, drop down to Skydive traverse then a final rip through Skydive which is getting pretty tracked out but still very good skiing.

After two hikes up the peak were were too tired to go to hockey so a quiet night in with some Jamesons whiskey.

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