Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 61 more snow but more needed

Overnight there was just a dusting of new stuff but with more promised. As the day wore on the snow continued to come down very light but by the afternoon it became quite heavy for a while and has gone back to light snow fall as we were drinking beer in the hot tub tonight.

The day was overcast with light snow all day and the base temps getting up to plus figures with most of the hill staying at about minus and light snow coming down which if it didn't add much to the base at least it didn't take anything away.

Started on the Old side and did all the usual close stuff down Cedar ridge, King Fir, Lynda's, Boomerang etc and back through Kangaroo ( 5 times). The new snow had improved things although not as much as the official site would have you believe and everywhere with almost no one around was untracked on the light covering over the tracked snow.

During the morning hit out to Steep and Deep a couple of times and then went all the way into the Fish bowl (out of bounds) but only as far as the the Poppa chutes and back through the Redtree road as the lower slopes looked like dust on crust and not worth the hike out. As the snow built things got better but by no means great.

In the afternoon hit the New side and having lost my guests just looped Stag Leap, Cougar Glades, Decline and Skydive ( last run) which were all getting better in the new snow and as a challenge I skied each one top to bottom without stopping. A good full on afternoon as only you can have when you are on your own ( or with Steve).

As usual beer, hot tub early night etc. Still snowing - just - so hope for fresh tomorow.

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