Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 62 and happy Groundhog day to everyone

Those of you who have only seen the movie may be surprised to find that this is a genuine event and today across Canada and America the little brutes were dragged out of their burrows and an assessement was made as to whether or not they could see their shadow. The result was that they saw their shadow so we have 6 more weeks of winter so awesome snow has to be on the way.

It may be that the groundhogs know something. When we woke up this morning it was snowing but clearly it hadn't been all night as there was only about 5 cms of fresh but it snowed all day. The temps got up to plus figs at the bottom during the day so the lower snow became heavy but at the top it stayed at minus figs and in pretty good shape all day. Total accumulation during the day may have been 10 cms on the new side with a bit more drifting in the bowls so all in all good conditions.

Started the day with good old fashioned old side powder chase down Boom, Buck Shot, Cedar ridge, Kangaroo etc. the snow was good covering on what we had and getting better all the time. King Fir was mostly untracked as was Linda's run with an exit through Linda's private parts also untracked. We sensed that Snake would not be open for long so got a couple of great runs through Steep and Deep ( which was) and Gorby bowl which were filling up fast - later I heard Snake was closed around lunch time due to avi risks.

In the afternoon I linked up with a buddy of mine, Andy, who is ski instructor and also a pretty good skier and we just ripped the new side in what was now very acceptable powder. Cougar glades, the Brain ( awesome) Secret chutes with a right hook into Spinal Tap and a top to bottom through Stag Leap gave some great deep stuff with big jumps off the buddas on the way down.

Later ran through Surprise trees several different ways which were very sweet in the deeper snow - only regret was I didn't have time to try Anaconda which I suspect would have been spectacular. Finished by hiking Cornice chute and dropping it the the traverse then taking Skydive top to bottom without a break. A little tracked but soft deep snow all the way down so great free riding with the skis in the air more than they were on the ground.

Even with no more snow there is another days great skiing to be had so an early night called for.

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