Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 38 the return of Captain Kangaroo

As the heading implies this was an Old Side day during which we looped Kangaroo 8 times so it looks like the old nick name is going to stick again this year.

It was overcast as we got to the hill and temps were ok at about -14 but warmed steadily during the day so that we were at -6 by the close of play. It looked like a good day to play the Old side as the New side was shrouded in cloud and it looked like some pretty severe weather was brewing up there. Even on the old side the wind was whipping up all day with blowing snow on the upper half of the hill and viz pretty erratic.

We spent all morning off Cedar ridge, King Fir, Boom bowl, Linda's run etc. There was a load of blow in at the top of each run so the conditions were quite like powder and as long as you didn't look too closely it felt like a real pow day. Final run before lunch we took the high traverse across Cedar bowl to beyond Snake ridge and splashed down Steep and Deep and out through the right chute into Gorby bowl - all chopped up but filled in and skiing like powder. Always returning through Kangaroo from the top of the Haul Back T bar so 4 times before lunch.

After lunch just looped out to Snake ridge playing in the blow in between Steep and Deep and Redtree. Tried a couple of drops down Snake itself but got hung up in the alders above KC chutes and had to do some serious jumping to get out through the chutes. Again always out through Kangaroo so another 4 times made 8 in all. Also always dropped back through Boom bowl which had so much wind sift in it by the afternoon that it was like wind groomimg so you could almost free ride it top to bottom.

Got home to fine a message on the phone from guest services to say they had my pass. It seems that as the ring is still on my jacket the pass itself must have split and fallen off. Must get to the hill early tomorrow to get this sorted.

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