Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 36 and 25 bucks is a pretty good price for a days skiing

Well with the Arctic high in it was a starting temp on the deck of -29 and a trip to the Best Western to drop Steve and Liz off for their flight back to the UK, haven't heard from them so assume everything went ok.

By the time I got to the hill ( no we as Lynda was taking a day off to sort out the house) it had "warmed" to -27 and it remained sunny all day with day end temps of -22 so by any definition a cold day.

Spent the morning on the old side where the snow remained quite heavy but very nice in the Sunny side shoulder. Cedar ridge and King Fir were very unpredictable ranging from soft powder to ice. Three trips through Kangaroo were just as tough as you might expect but that's what Kangaroo is all about. Boom bowl was hard work with quite large bumps and the only downsdie was that Boom ridge had been groomed for the second time this season which is unforgivable vandalism of a tough bump run.

Later on the New side I found Stag Leap pretty tough but quite enjoyable. Cougar glades once again proved run of the day with deep soft powder in the tighter parts of the tree. Later still Secret Chutes and aright cut into Spinal Tap proved to be both challenging and enjoyable. As always the final rip down Skydive was awesome but hardest work for several days.

Good few beers in the bar and ready for an early night. Outlook for one more day of cold then maybe some more precip.

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