Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 34 and more snow

Last night we had about 10 cms pushing the base to 220 cms. As forecast the snow continued off and on during the day with a particularly strong flurry just before close. The temp dropped all day so that by the afternoon at the top it was only -12 and with an Arctic high due to sit on us for a couple of days the temps are likely to drop more but with clear skys and bluebird days but let's see.

We have had Steve and Liz staying with us this week and today was their last day so we will be off soon for a meal down at Rip'n'Richards and they wanted to ski all the good stuff on the new side so who were we to argue.

With so few people on the hill and many of them vacation skiers there was no real competion for the fresh powder and hitting out across the County Line we found fresh track in Skydive, then Stag Leap, then Decline and finally Cougar Glades. In the glades we tried going left at the bottom and found a whole new area with more virt and deep tight tree skiing all the way down.

Other highlights of the day were dropping into Window chutes and finding the log drop in the middle is now up to about 7 foot and growing so big air by any standards. We took several runs in the trees just to the right of Stag Leap which may technically be the left side of Cougar Glades or may just be some un named trees. The attraction was that the snow was deep and untracked so that the trees even though tight could be taken in a continuous run top to bottom.

Finished with the usual rip down Skydive which still had some untracked lines even at the end of the day. Still plenty of untracked snow that will still be around if you know where to look.

Off for a beer with the temp below -14 and the skies clear at least for the time being.

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