Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 33 - still pretty good

And another 12 cms overnight which repaired the hill pretty well with a base of about 215 cms which is great for this time of year. Not a very good report due to showing a Brit guy from Non Stop ski around at the end of the day and he insisting on buying us beer.

Where was I, oh yes, 12 cms over night so we hit the old side in not very good light. Took a run through Cedar then Kangaroo ( like a groomer) but decided that the new side might be better. rried to get there and found that Timber lift was down foe half an hour - nice one RCR.

Skied around the old side on Cedar ridge, King Fir and the Bear chutes which meant 2 more runs through Kangaroo. With all the crowds gone back to Calgary and new snow the hill was great with fresh tracks in almost every run.

When we eventually got to the old side we found that the saddles were open as was the high County Line traverse. Corner Pocket skied like a groomer as did all the saddles. Working on the basis that things had been closed we hiked Cornice chute and dropped Lone Fir which was very very deep. We then tracked further into Trap Meadow ( an even steeper and tighter chute than Lone Fir which is itself rated double black diamond) and then swung right into Spinal Tap which was pretty interesting as you would expect from a stream bed.

PM we dropped Siberia ridge and hit the trees right after the gnarly mid section. Not a great call due to the amount of timber on the ground but we got down in quite deep snow. Spent the rest of the afternoon looping off the front side ( Stag Leap etc) and of course finished with a rip down Skydive.

Great day, too much beer, still snowing, -3.

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