Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 39 and really nice everywhere

Well when we say really nice everywhere we can only really speak for the New side as that was where we were all day. Overnight the blow in continued and there was a light dusting of snow. Temps rose to about -3 at the start and continued to rise to plus temps at the base and zero at the top during the day.

The result was that the surface was soft blow in, the bumps had flattened out to something quite tame and the underlying base was firm but not hard and good to take an edge, in other words really easy skiing. Most amazing was that this was true everywhere you went, usually different places offer different conditions but today you just had to put one head on a rip it.

We spent the morning looping White Pass in different places like Surprise Trees, Highline Trees amd Milky Way Trees. On the Currie end of the Loop we tried Cougar Glades ( several times), Stag Leap, Skydive and a great run through the top of Decline then into Window Chutes. The drop off in Window Chutes is still about 7 ft but with the soft snow gone the landing was a good filling shaker.

In the afternoon went back up the New side then looped out through Cougar Glades again, rapidly becoming my favourite part of the hill, and Skydive. Hit the Brain for the first time in several days which has to be the tightest tree skiing on the hill and finished off with yet one more rip through Skydive. Throughout all the skiing was nice soft ( but not to soft) skiing on a covered base, a good day.

Had a few beers in the Griz and came home. Decided not to go to the Hockey tonight (home to Golden) as we had gone on Friday and seen the Riders win so a quiet night in.

Worried about the warm up that's forecast during the next few days but more about that when it happens tomorrow.

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