Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 37 Groundhog Day

Well of course it isn't really Groundhog day as that isn't until February 2nd but it kind of felt like it from our point of view with today pretty much like the last two. Oh, and the heading on yesterday's blog referred to the fact that after 36 days the average cost of skiing drops to 25 bucks a day which is one of my milestones of the season.

Today was bit warmer starting at -18 but again staying quite cold all day. Off and on we had a bit of cloud and the light was a little variable but that was just the leading edge of the new weather system coming in from the west. In the next few days a new weather system is working it's way in from the coast and should bring temps up to plus figures and with loads of moisture with it. Our hope is that the the two systems clash over the Elk Valley and we get the snow dump, a good plan but as always we run the risk of the R word as the temps rise.

Spent the morning on the Old side in all the usual places, Boom, Cedar Ridge etc and took three trips through Kangaroo to keep warm. After early choccy break we spent our time up in White Pass and found nice skiing in the Gun bowl, Highline trees and Surprise trees finishing off with a run through Cougar Glades left side which still had many untracked lines.

After lunch, taking the hint from the earlier session we spent our time looping Cougar Glades finding many different ways down all of which were deep and at least hlf untracked. For a change we took the odd loop through Anaconda Glades which had stacks of blow in and Bootleg Glades which remained in pretty good shape.

As always a final rip down Skydive which is now very bumpy at the top and getting a bit tracked out lower down but still some very interesting if a bit technical in places.

A good night in the Griz and now off to the Hockey, the Nitros again so go Riders go. High light of the day was a porcupine coming out to play on Boom Ridge which is quite unusual as they are usually nocturnal.

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