Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 114 a great half day

As explained yesterday we had booked the legendary Lizard Creek Lodge brunch today ( all you can eat from a breakfast buffet, seafood buffet, roast Sunday lunch and dessert table with choccy fountain) so we had to get all our skiing in during the morning.

It had snowed a bit overnight putting about an extra 5 cms on top of the deep fresh that came down yesterday. Overnight temps of -3 kept the snow in good shape and we went to the New side to trash everything we could see.

Lift Line down to White Pass was just the start and was mostly untracked. We then took the usual first couple of runs down White Pass which was excellent particularly in the Gun bowl although there was plenty of untracked everywhere as there were no real crowds on the hill. Even where people were there was some funny behaviour such as people hiking Knot chutes when there was loads of lift accessable deep untracked or people hocking off jumps which is something you can do in almost any snow conditions - ah well all the more fresh for us.

After that it was out along the County Line to Concussion then Skydive then Decline then Stag Leap and finish with rip down Lone Fir and Easter bowl. All were excellent fresh snow and lightly tracked but the best of all was the last run which was face shots top to bottom as soon as you pulled the trigger just under the chute.

Far too much food and drink to ski again so an early finish with fingers crossed that conditions hold up for tomorrow.

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