Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 113 winter at last with awesome powder

Well perhaps in normal circumstances we wouldn't be calling today an awesome powder day but it this year maybe our views have been shaped by what else we have had. Perhaps it is an indication that for only the 5th time this year I started at 9 and skied through to last lift at 4 without any kind of break, that says something.

The hill were calling only 3 cms overnight but the temp was was zero on the deck, -1 at the base and -7 at the top of White Pass and when we got to the hill it started to snow. It snowed all day, sometimes harder, sometimes lighter but always snow right down to the base. The result was that by the end of the day we had 10-15 cms of of fresh snow in all areas on top of the very good snow that we had yesterday. Even the lower mountain ski outs were restored to winter conditions and now should last to the end of the season.

We went to the New side and there is little point in commenting on the conditions as they all started good and got better as the day went on. Whilst the parking lot was fairly busy, it being a holiday weekend, there didn't seem to be many people on the hill and particularly not in the areas we skied. The Uk tour company Inghams had taken a bus load of guests to Kimberly to join in the party for their final weekend which they chose to do rather than ski some of the best Fernie powder of the season - this tells you more about the average Brit vacation skiers view of skiing than I ever could.

First tracks in Gun bowl and Highline trees followed by first tracks in Skydive, Decline and Cougar Glades. Decided to try for the full set with first tracks in Stag Leap but two tracks had beaten me to it but it was still pretty good. Continued in Secret chutes, Concussion, Lone fir, 1-2-3s and Anaconda which were all deep and fresh.

Finished off with another run down Skydive and just time for a final loop into Lone fir which was getting really deep and a great rip down Easter bowl.

Fantastic days skiing in ever improving powder. It was even snowing a little tonight as we sat in the hot tub so tomorrow might be good early on.

Tomorrows blog may be curtailed or even non existant. It is the final Lizard Creek all you can eat brunch of the season after which most people can't move, let alone ski. Watch this space.

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