Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 115 winter left overs then spring skiing

Hard to think that one week from today the season will be over except for the Furnival weekend that follows on a week later. Today started with temps on the deck of -6 so I guess it was colder up the hill. We were keen to find out if the slight warm up later yesterday had any adverse effect on the snow.

We went to the New side which has become our default setting and discovered straight away from Lift Line and the whole White Pass area that the snow had not been adversely effected at all. In fact what we had was yesterdays powder a bit tracked up but soft everywhere and if you knew where to look for it there were still some untracked stashes. Later in the day as the sun warmed up the south facing and lower slopes did soften quite a bit and then set up slightly as the sun hazed over. This gave great if rather varied skiing all day.

We poked around the White Pass area enjoying the soft snow, the best bits of which were probably in and around Surprise Trees. We then hit out on the County Line with the intention of trying Skydive but it became a day of distractions.

First off skiing past Corner Pocket we saw the tires (Canadian spelling) exposed but the cling-on rope was there and the ski out underneath looked good. Dropped it and had good soft snow under the chutes then cut into Easter bowl for more good soft stuff. Next -High Saddle which had been scraped out down the middle by boarders so you had to enter skiers right and bang out about 5 turns on the steep slope before you could jump into the main chute. Same exit as for Corner Pocket.

We intended to do Low Saddle next to complete the set but as it looked a bit rocky and we deserved a treat we hiked Lone Fir and found it just as good as yesterday and particularly the drop into Easter was good. Next Low Saddle with some jumps over the rocks then a right turn into the deep and out via Easter. Final run of the morning was another hike up Cornice ridge and then down the chute beyond Lone Fir ( Trap Meadow ?) which was steep, tight and very soft, and then again into Easter.

After lunch Lynda went to the gym for leg strengthening and I just toured the County Line dropping The Brain, Decline (decided not to go for Window chutes as they looked very tracked), Stag Leap and finally Skydive. All were the same with great soft snow at the top that you could really freeride with lots of air and the bottom third going rather soft and required a bit of attention and jumping round to get you down.

A great day but with a worrying trend but with 6 days to go who cares. Maybe flurries tonight which could work wonders.

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