Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 116 another great days powder skiing

Last nights reports were of about 3 cms of fresh which seemed a bit under reported to me. We arrived at the hill in temps of zero at the base and overcast so that almost as soon as we started skiing it started snowing yet again. The snow persisted until around 1 and was so hard that all tracks were being filled in so that first tracks were to be had all morning even if you weren't the first one there. Later in the day the snow stopped (although it came back off and on in showers) and the sun came out giving soft snow from about three quarters of the way down Skydive (and all the front runs) to the bottom.

I guess that in all we had another 8 cms of fresh which had a great effect on the hill. We went to the New side and had fresh tracks up and down White Pass in many areas although the light made things a bit tough. After that we headed out and did Easter bowl, Anaconda/Bootleg glades, Lone fir, 1-2-3s High Saddle/Easter and Skydive before lunch. All were excellent powder mostly untracked or at least filled in to the point that they might as well have been.

In the afternoon we did much the same in Decline, Cougar Glades, Anaconda (again) Surprise Trees and Lone Fir (again). Finished with a hike up Knot chutes and a traverse in to Gotta Go which only had a couple of tracks and was just awesome face shots all the way down - Bootleg glades then home.

Beers, wings night at the pub then home. Tomorrows report could be non existant as tommorrow is Hot dog day and I am not sure I will be reporting after spending all day drinking on the hill in 1980's retro gear then drinking some more in the Griz bar.

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