Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 117 Happy Hot Dog Day

Ok, lets deal with Hot Dog Day. In 1984 a movie was released called Hot Dog. This was a mixture of skiing and soft pornography and would have quite rightly been consigned to the dustbin of history were it not for a few die hard fans in Fernie who decided to comemerate the movie. Every year on a Wednesday near the end of the season we all dress up in 1980's ski gear, rip all over the hill pulling stupid tricks, drink loads of beer, go to the Griz bar and watch the young guys and girls do nude table sliding then go to the Pub and watch the movie. Today was no exception but that the weather provided unusually good skiing (fresh snow instead of slush) so that it was more of a normal powder day than a Hot Dog Day.

It was about +2 at the base when we arrived, -2 at the top and with another 7 cms of fresh providing a fresh base and the base itself rising to over 270 cms. During the day it remained overcast with pretty well continual flurries which must have added at least another 5 cms to the base during the day.

We went to the Old side this being Hot Dog Day and found great skiing on all north facing slopes, with many different ways down Cedar ridge and always back to Boom chair via Kangaroo (4 times). Up and down Boom bowl a couple of times which was a bit scratchy underneath but like everywhere else good soft powder on top.

Switched to the New Side and did two County Line Loops, first up Lone Fir which was just awesome all the way down into Easter bowl and then Secret chutes which were untracked and then Spinal Tap which did get a bit challenging in the lower sections and provided a surprise where the stream bed broke through. Time for lunch.

In the afternoon we went back to the New side which was strange for Hot Dog Day as we would normally spend the afternoon drinking on Wallaby and joining in the stunts but today was so good skiing that we wanted to carry on skiing. Up and down White Pass was good and as the light improved there was excellent skiing under the lift. Surprise Trees was also very good.

We finished with loops in Anaconda/ Bootleg glades ( great deep untracked skiing) Cougar Glades (untracked once you moved left in the trees) and finally a rip down Skydive ( great powder at the top and a little chunky in the lower section ) to finish a great day.

Loads of good Hot Dog fun in the Griz bar after skiing. Possibly more snow tonight, this is just getting better and better.

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