Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 92 all four seasons in one day

As the weather was the main story today I will focus on that rather than just on where we skied although they are of course linked.

Overnight the temps didn't quite get below freezing and it rained down town most of the night so we were fairly sure that there had been quite some snow on the hill. When we got there we found 10cms of fresh on top of all the recent stuff but the snow/rain line rather higher up than we expected at about half way.

Up the hill the sun had come out and the new snow was getting warm and even out of the sunlight the air temp was very warm - perhaps even +5. The result was that on south facing slopes everything went to slush whilst on East and North facing slopes the new snow just became a bit heavy down to about half way then it turned to rain crust. The lower slopes turned to total water slush just like summer skiing and it's hard to see without new snow or snow making how they will last to the end of the season.

Come the afternoon at about 3 o'clock it was all change with the clouds rolling in, temps dropping and snow (ok snow pellets) starting up pretty hard. On the last ride up on White pass I had about 1cm of accumulation build up on me just during the ride. All the upper mountain was covered with the new snow which slowed down the surface but refroze a lot of the base that had melted, all in all pretty strange conditions.

By evening it was all clear again but reports of some possible new overnight. Daytime highs are forecast to go to +12 by Tuesday but by Friday the highs are supposed to be -7 and snow, as I said very strange weather.

Against this background we hit the New side and had fresh tracks in Highline, Surprise Trees, Cougar glades, Decline and 1-2-3s. A final trip into Anaconda found slightly tracked but very deep fresh snow and Bootleg was much the same at the top and a bit scratchy at the bottom. Then an early lunch.

After lunch with things getting much hotter we kept on hitting Anaconda further and further across each time followed by different ways down Bootleg. Encouraged by just how good Anaconda had stayed I hiked Knot chutes then traversed into Gotta Go and dropped into Currie bowl that way and found that the snow there was approaching awesome.

Final run down Skydive was good not much tracked at the top, light rain crust in the middle and soft starting to set up at the bottom. The high traverse at the County line hadn't been open all day and the lack of traffic in Skydive was probably something to do with the fact that many people think that you can't get to Skydive traverse from the low traverse which you can quite easily.

Riders lost last night so 1 all heading to Nelson for two games, at least it means we will have a game back here on Wednesday no matter what. More snow needed.

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