Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 88 down to 10 bucks a day

As the heading suggests today the average cost of skiing has reduced to 10 bucks a day which given the conditions we have had this year represents fair value to me.

The day started at -4 going to +5 and with no new snow we were skiing on yesterdays left overs and a bluebird day with a few clouds later on. On advice we went to the old side to try out the north facing slopes.

Everything was ok without getting to exciting. Cedar ridge several ways produced good powder getting less good as you went left. The rest tended to be a bit scratchy underfoot with some soft stuff on tough which meant you had to stay on your game.

Boom, Boom ridge and Linda's were all ok but againg a chopped up surface and very hard base meant you couldn't really relax. Two runs back through Kangaroo proved that whilst a little new snow might make things better the basic rules apply and icey bump runs are always tough.

We decided to kiss the Fish Bowl and went out there twice. First time we went about half way across the bowl and the next time about three quarters of the way. Each time we found good soft untracked powder and great steep pitches at the bottom with only about a 10 minute to get out. Awesome untracked powder two days after a storm so not all bad.

This all led to a very late lunch so a curtailed afternoon was in evidence. Tried Lift Line which was scratchy then had a go at Decline which was only ok. Hit the trees left of Decline which were untracked and really good fun. Took a trip through Anaconda which was nice and despite both buddies stacking it in the top of the chute we had a good run. Last trip of the day and no one would be surprised to find that we were at the top of Skydive and ready to go. A good run down in fresh if not untracked snow which was lots of fun. This week's guests enjoyed it.

As always, too much beer, a hot tub and tea. Getting ready for the first playoff game tomorrow against the Nelson Leafs so go Riders go.

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