Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 87 it's almost a powder day

Overnight the hill was reporting 11 cms in 24 hours which was very encouraging. We suspected the snow might have come down pretty wet so we decided to hit the new side which proved to be a very goood decision. From the outset it was apparent that the report was right but that the new snow had not stuck particularly well so that slough management was always going to be a problem.

First run was back down to White pass chair which just about passed for powder. After that we worked out that the stuff that had melted over the past few days would not be covered by the fresh so the best places to ski would be where it had previously been hard i.e. north and east facing slopes.

During the morning we hit Cougar Glades, Stag Leap, Decline, Skydive and Secret chutes followed by Spinal tap. These were all very good with significant tracts of un tracked snow which might even have passed for powder in other ski towns. Stag Leap was particularly nice, performing like a terrain park all the way down.

After lunch we came back to the new side and started on Siberia ridge which was a bit scratchy on the base but was as always good skiing in steep terrain in the mid section. We had already had some runs through Mitchy chutes and Big bang during the morning which had proved to be a nice filled in powder run.

Out on the County Line and more runs through the Brain, Secret chutes and lots of other stuff all at the end of the county line which was skiing much better as a result of 11 cms of fresh. With some time to kill we looped Anaconda which like everywhere else was open and serving up excellent skiing. The long skate back through Trespass Trail was slow but better than skiing to the bottom and missing the last loop.

A final run into Skydive and then checking back into Stag leap proved to be worth while with lots of quite deep snow. A great way to finish what must be classed as our only significant snow fall for about 2 months.

Wings night at the pub was good and the talk was all about this "powder" day which was so much better than anything else we have had recently. Good without being anything special but fresh tracks all over the new side all day right up to final bell.

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