Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 90 return of the powder

Reports overnight said that it had rained in the town (true) and it was due to rain on the hill all day (false). It had snowed about 11 cms on the hill over night (more in places) and with overcast conditions didn't really do much during the day.

We decided to go high which meant the New side and hearing White pass was closed for avi control we hiked Mitchy chutes which like most of the hill was untracked with 10 cms or so of fresh on whatever had been there. As we skied out of Mitchy chutes White pass chair opened.

The whole of the New side had over 10 cms of fresh (much more in many places) and where it was untracked the bumps were smoothed out and ready for some serious free riding.

Hit Cougar Glades ( untracked) Decline ( untracked) Stag Leap (two tracks) Secret chutes and Spinal Tap ( a few tracks) Skydive ( mostly untracked) the Brain ( untracked on the right shoulder) and Decline and the Window chutes (surprisingly quite tracked but the log drop down to 5 ft with a soft landing. Worth mentioning that each time down from Timber chair to White pass we took a different line close to lift line but in the trees - snow so soft that long GS turns through what had previously been tight lines where the order of the day. Late lunch.

PM we went back to the new side with not much time. Hit Anaconda glades halfway along which were still very soft followed by Bootleg glades near trees - also good. Next we hiked up to Lone Fir which was a little tight through the main chute but which opened up into some awesome fresh powder all the way down into Freeway. Due to time took a quick loop back through Milkey Way trees then out for the final traditional rip through Skydive. Even at this late stage of the day Skydive was just fantastic with good freeriding on the soft snow/bumps two thirds of the way down with the final third requiring a bit of attention with softening snow on a hard base.

A very good days skiing. A patroller buddy in the bar said that they were calling for 8-18 cms tonight which would have a fantastic effect but no sign of any new yet.

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