Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 85 Still very hard work

Another day just like all the others with a start at -6, blue bird conditions, high of about -10 and then a bit of cooling towards the evening. We decided to have a day on the new side to see what we could get out of it.

First a long loop back through Falling Star ( the first time I have been there this season) just to show our guests the full extent of the ski area. It was actually very well groomed and was an ideal easy groomer run if that is what does your thing.

Next we were up White Pass checking out the Gun bowl (not quite soft enough) and Highline trees etc which were still pretty hard. After a few loops through White pass where it became a bit softer and better each time we hit out to Concussion which has softened quite a lot and was good skiing all the way down to Gilmar Trail.

With everything softening we hiked Knot chutes in the anticipation that chutes would be soft in the sun. A good call but getting my ski caught in a fracture line in the chute as I turned so that I landed it with no downhill ski was not part of the plan. This resulted in the longest fall of the season so far with significant contact between the rock outcrops and my left shoulder which left some very swollen and black and blue parts.

Next loop dropped Anaconda glades and Bootleg glades both of which were rather harder under foot than I would have liked but were just about ok. Finally before lunch had to go back to Knot chutes just to show them that the earlier spill had not left me fearful. In the event had another fairly uneventful drop of the second chute stopping only to note the fracture line which had caused me so much trouble on the first drop. Had a look at the dummy down hill on the way down to lunch which was very funny.

Not much time in the afternoon but we made three major loops, Toms run ( very nice and slushy) Concussion ( still soft) and finally Skydive ( hard and bumpy at the top and icey and bumpy at the bottom.

Time to finish with lots of beer and a quiet night in. Our jet lag is starting to recover so pretty soon I should be able to get into party mood. Fingers crossed for more snow.

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