Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 58 Another short day

And the reason for the short day was that I had to drive down to Calgary to pick up a visiting buddy. Strange that I am only going to do two pick ups from Calgary this year and one was Monday and the other today. Looking on the bright side we still haven't had any new snow so if there is a good time to miss half a day's skiing this is it.

As I said, no new snow, base down to 207 cms temps starting at -6 and rising to -1 and the hill pretty socked in at the top and clearing a bit during the morning.

Decided to make the most of the Old side and started with a trip down the new lift line into Cedar bowl then Gully and Gulch. Snow was actually much better than I thought it would be, tracked but some fresh stuff close to the trees. Kangaroo was ( surprise, surprise) hard, bumpy and icey and as a result lots of fun.

After that tried Cedar Ridge, Steep and Deep, Gorby bowl and Snake ridge. Each time completed the loop through Kangaroo and Boom bowl. Just like the first runs the snow was ok on top, scratchy at the bottom and really icey in Kangaroo.

Didn't take too many loops to get to midday and time to head off. In summary rather better conditions than we had a right to expect given the lack of snow. The whole hill is covered with something you can ski on so at least we should be grateful.

Flurries and light snow in the forcast so maybe this is the beginning of a new weather system to replace the current drought.

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