Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 55 Happy Australia Day

So today being Australia day there were no Aussies around when we arrived at the hill mainly because they were out celebrating last night when it was Australia Day in Australia rather than Canada.

It was about -5 at the hill when we arrived and didn't get much above -2 all day, and rather colder at the top. New snow amounted to about 3 cms and the base remained at around 212 cms so as before ok, but not great conditions. Early in the day it was overcast with the tops socked in but this cleared as the day went on so that by afternoon it was a bluebird day.

Lynda was back and as she likes the Old side that's where we went. There was a good covering with the new snow which just refreshed what was already there. A bit like yesterday we looped off Cedar Ridge dropping the new lift line, Gully and Gulch, Ridge left and right and King Fir. The difference was that we alternated out to Snake Ridge trying Redtree, Steep and Deep, Gorby Bowl and Snake Main. All was excellent new snow getting a bit scratchy in lower Gorby and the ski out of Steep and Deep. As always returned through Kangaroo ( still just as ugly and icey) 5 times.

In the afternoon hit the new side and played around up in White Pass and Surprise trees which actually was not as good as the Old side due to all the skier traffic. Dropped Anaconda which as always was excellent deep snow in the tight chutes. After Lynda went home due to jet lag hiked Lone Fir which was ok in the top and excellent down low but very icey and scraped out in the lower sections of the chute itself.

Finished with a hike up Knot chutes and a run out through the second chute, Anaconda ( more tight chutes) and Bootleg trees.

Stacks of beer in the bar followed by wings night at the Pub which was curtailed but us being slung out because they wanted to get on with their stand up night. More beer at home and now an early night.

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