Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 54 and there is life on the old side

Woke this morning to find that light snow was just starting in a temp of about -5. There had not been any significant accumulation and by the time the snow fizzled out around lunch time there probably hadn't been much more than 3 or 4 cms even at the deepest point.

Today was a short day as Lynda was due in at Calgary about 4 ( actually the plane arrived about 40 minutes early !!) so I had to leave the hill around midday in order to make it on time - 10 minutes late actually but who's counting.

I decided to try the Old Side if for no other reason that I couldn't remember the last time I skied there and found that it was pretty much ok. Spent the morning alternating dropping off various parts of Cedar Ridge ( Gully and Gulch, King Fir, ridge right, ridge left etc,) and coming back direct to Boomerang via Boom bowl or Lynda's or Bear chutes. The snow was nice and soft most of the way down and with a light new covering the skiing was very good without ever getting up to the level of awesome.

From the top of Haul Back T bar went down to Boom chair every time ( 5 in all ) via Kangaroo which predictably was icey, bumpy, stumpy and rutted which was excellent challenging skiing. At the top on one run I heard a woman telling her group that Kangaroo was the worse run on the hill and had to intervene to defend on of my favourite runs. The truth is that if you find yourself at the top of the Haul Back what are your choices, Lower North Ridge ( wide open boring groomer) Lower Lynda's ( less boring but still an easy groomer) Wallaby ( ok ish groomer with boring ski out) or the Roo ( tough, challenging, technical and physically demanding) in my view it's a no brainer.

Picked up Lynda but was 10 minutes late due to Air Canada coming in 40 minutes early, what's that all about ? Long journey back due to the Deerfoot trail southbound being blocked by a pretty ugly crash. Things getting back to normal and of course preparing for Australia Day tomorrow.

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