Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 53 hard to remember

And the reason that it is hard to remember, having had a few beers in the Griz followed by several more beers in the hot tub at home, followed by a few more beers it's all a bit hazy. That having been said I will try and get my act together and remember what happened today.

Going to the hill it was overcast and -7 and to be fair it probably only got up to about -3 at base all day long and colder on top. Amazingly there was some very light flurrie activity that came and went all day maybe giving up 2 or 3 coms of fresh but however you looked at it then it was good old fashioned dust on crust.

New side remained the choice and later reports from the Old side just confirmed that this was a good call. A few loops up White Pass including Surprise Trees a couple of times and some of the drop offs under the lift got the legs warm and with the light fairly socked in the fresh ( such as it was) was mostly unskied.

Linked up with some weekend buddies from Calgary who were interested in seeing my world so we hit hard out into Surprise still finding freshish snow before dropping Anaconda the hard way which was nicely refreshed and the trees before Bootleg which they had never tried. A final run through Cougar Glades which are still ok in many places then went for an early lunch.

In the afternoon started hitting the County Line and found exactly what we have found since I can remember - good snow on top with untracked in trees and very scratchy down the bottom although getting better with the dust on crust. Did the Brain twice which verged on the awesome at the top although sliding through the trees at the bottom on sheet ice was a bit technical. Secret Chutes and Spinal Tap fitted the pattern with the lower part of Spinal Tap very icey but this was nothing compared Decline and Window chutes where the skiing in the trees off to the left of Decline was untracked and perfect, the log drop off getting on for 7 ft at the steepest point and the ski out through the stream bed sheet ice and ugly as a bears ass.

Some where in there hiked Lazy Locals and had nice runs through Big Bang, Mitchy Chutes and numerous links to White Pass via lift line. Finished the day with a drop into Stag Leap which (wait for it) was great free riding for about three quarters then refrozen crud - actually quite an enjoyable challenge. Must have skied more runs than just those listed but nothing sticks in the mind, I guess they are right and beer does kill brain cells.

In summary much better than we are entitled to expect considering the snow drought we have been suffering. No significant snow in the out look but I am driving to Calgary Airport tomorrow afternoon to pick up Lynda and whenever I drive to Calgary it always snows so fingers crossed.

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