Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 118 still some awsome winter snow to be had

Yup, even though today was the second to last day of the season there was still some amazing skiing to be had when they opened the Saddles for the first time in about 2 weeks, but more of that later. Overnight temps dropped to -8 but it was another bluebird day despite the weather men calling for some cloud cover. All this meant that the south facing stuff was ugly refrozen crud and the north facing stuff was in pretty good shape, typical spring skiing and just like yesterday. We went to the New side based on a tip off from a patroller buddy that the Saddles should be opening early today. First thing there was no sign of Saddles opening and we just looped on 1-2-3s or Anaconda and then Bootleg or Diamond Back. All the north facing slopes were in pretty good shape and the lower mountain was starting to soften. About 11 we decided to head over to the Old side to see the start of the PPP relay ( a ski/bike/canoe/running relay race) but on the way across we noticed the fence being dropped on the Saddles. That was it, 2 trips through Corner Pocket, 2 through High Saddle and one through Low Saddle. CP had good snow in the chute and awesome mostly untracked powder on the north facing ski out. High Saddle had better snow in the chute but avi debris underneath so you had to end up tracking left back into to same ski out as CP. Low Saddle had the best snow, the best I have ever seen it but below it was a bit crusty on top. Loops were always completed through Easter bowl which remained great soft tracked powder all day. After lunch we had a quick look into the Old side but found that Snake ridge had been closed. The Saddles still looked pretty good but Lynda decided to hang on with Cedar Ridge (she said pretty good) while I looped back and hit Corner Pocket, High Saddle and Low Saddle a few more times - the ski out remained great soft back tracked snow but the chutes were getting decidedly technical as the afternoon wore on. Last run through Skydive was surprisingly good with mushy set up only evident for a few turns in the mid section. Beer and quiet night in. Tomorrow is the last day.

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