Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 116 Not as good as yesterday but still pretty f---ing good.

The snow report overnight gave us another 16 cms in 24 hours but what fell during yesterday and what came down overnight is anybody's guess. A bit like yesterday it started to snow quite hard as we got to the hill but it never gave us quite the deposits of yesterday morning's storm but was still good enough to give fews cms on top of what was there. That was the story all day where it ranged from hot direct sun light to sudden winter storms of snow and back again. We went to the Old side only to find at Bear that they weren't loading due to control issues so we cut back to Timber and the New side. Viz was bit varied but we had a couple of runs up and down White pass and found mostly untracked skiing in Gun bowl and Highline trees which was great. Next I made my only bad call of the day which was to traverse across the top of the Knot chutes and drop Gotta Go. This was awesome and untracked in the top but in the narrow chute I found it had slid the the April 1st rain crust and all of a sudden I was in a position where you really didn't want to make a mistake. In the event after a couple of jump turns I was out and on to the big soft out slide snow and could get face shots all the way down into the bottom of 3s. After that we just looped out to some great lightly tracked powder in Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap (ST particularly deep), Anaconda/ Bootleg, a bit of a stack for me in Bootleg. An awesome run in deep through Stag leap, a back loop through Surprise trees which were getting a bit soft in the top sections. A final run off before lunch through Skydive found it a little soft on the left in the sun but great under the shade of the trees on the right. After lunch we went to the Old side and after a couple of very nice runs up and down Boom they opened Alpine way and we headed out to get great powder in the nearside ofCedar bowl. Next loop, taking some advice from a regular blog reader (you know who you are) we headed out on the side step traverse from Alpine way to get across Snake ridge to see how far we could go. All the way across there looked to be awsome lines which hadn't been opened for some days but to us they looked a little sun affected so we held on to the boundary fence, resisted the temptation to skip over into Fish bowl and ripped Redtree along the fence in some of the best powder (facing slightly away from the sun) of the season. We did return through Kangaroo which was ok in the top and ugly in the bottom, not as ugly as will be tomorrow morning. We had a couple of loops through Bear chutes and Buck shot which if anything were even deeper and more awesome than yesterday - where the hell did that come from ? End of the day we headed back to the New side for a quick loop on Mitchy Chutes (awesome) and then back through White pass which was starting to set up pretty quickly. Final rip down Skydive which was soft bumps in the top and fantastic soft snow all the way down with just a little reset sun crust on the left in the mid section. Beer and bed.

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