Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 115 Awesome, awesome, awesome

As the heading implies today was pretty awesome. Yesterday we had 23 cms of fresh and hadn't been able to do all that much damage to it. Today we had another 5 cms overnight which would have been pretty good but on the way to the hill we had one of the heaviest storms of the winter giving up 11 cms in a hour, it continued at a lesser level all morning and then had another storm which must have been about another 10 cms around lunchtime. With over 120 cms in the last week on slopes, many of which had been closed the results could only be imagined. Of course today was Hot Dog day so we were all in retro gear but with the skiing this good we took it seriously and for the first time ever I was wearing a helmet on Hot Dog day. Because of the clebrations this will be brief but it can be, as the snow was deep (over the knees) untracked almost wherever you went and giving you over the head face shots all the time where ever you went. The morning was on the Old Side with all the usual stuff - Boom, Cedar Ridge many ways, Bear Chutes, Buck shot, Linda's and returns through Kangaroo (6 times) all the most awesome skiing so far of the season. In the afternoon we went to the New side and just looped the Polar sink traverse out to Stag Leap, The Brain (awesome on a day when that meant something) Cougar Glades ( great tree skiing) and on the way through, Mitchy chutes (also awesome) and a loop in Knot Chutes and Surprise trees. Linda said the Knot chutes were the deepest she could remember just to prove it wasn't just me. Of course a final rip down Skydive which whilst tracked did have enough fresh to allow for a great fall line free ride with the skis in the air more than they were on the ground. The Griz bar had a line up to get in even for regulars so we went to the Pub in the town which was at least as good and was giving away free hot dogs. Beer and bed after what just might have been the best day of an awesome season.

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