Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 114 an awesome return to the Old Side

Overnight we had another 23 cms of fresh which was way more than was forecast. This left the base at 440 cms and total snow to date at 1050 cms so by any definition this is turning out to be an awesome season. We went to the hill in temps of +1 at the base and -3 at the top. During the day the temp on average fluctuated from about +7 to +2 depending on the conditions and we had snow/grappel on and off all day which despite the temps always came down white. We decided on the Old side on the grounds that the best snow would be North facing and the New side would have the County Line closed all day because of the dangers of sliding in the ice chutes. We were right about the County Line but reports tell me that with 23 cms of fresh pretty well everything on the new side was ok but the snow on the Old side generally was deeper. Run of the day was Cedar Ridge which seemed a good call so we went - it was totally awesome with deep untracked snow on north facing slopes. That was really it for the morning, we worked our way up and down Cedar Ridge from end to end always finding fresh tracks in tree lines that were not usually available but could be hit due to coverage and the awesome hero snow. The high traverse into Cedar was not open but we tracked across the bowl once and had great skiing in deep powder but had to contend with poor light. We tended to loop the ridge from Alpine Way to King Fir, sometimes taking Bear chutes and Buck shot - the powder was thigh deep in both and some of the most awesome skiing on the hill. We had a couple of loops in Linda's which was great in the right trees but got a bit lumpy in Linda's Private Parts lower down. First loop back we hit Kangaroo which was fine in the top but very hard work (not hard skiing) due to the soft snow low down. After that we left it alone and ironically the toughest skiing was on all the lower runs (Lower North ridge, Lower Linda's, Wallaby etc) which would usually have been groomed but today had not been and so were rather technical. Skiing was some of the most awesome deep untracked powder all season where all you had to do was to jump in with two feet and slsh down a fall line taking maximum air all the way. It was a very late lunch. After lunch we found that as a result of the continuing snow most of Lizard bowl had been closed from Bow and the top chute from Bear into Cedar ( a favourite jump in for us) had also been closed. We just continued to loop Cedar ridge/Bear chutes/Buck Shot all afternoon which remained very deep and with some untracked lines if you poked around a bit. Final run of the day was a great indicator as when I flew a big soft roll in Bear Chutes, I landed it but my legs just let me sink into the snow as there was no rebound left, totally skied out, always a sign of a great day. Good beer and wings night at the pub. Tomorrow is Hot Dog day when we get dressed in retro gear and do stupid tricks in memory of the 80s ski/soft porn movie Hot Dog. Tomorrow's report could be missing, late, short, or all of the above depending on how the day pans out, you have been warned.

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