Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 117 winter, spring and summer skiing all in one day

The forecast for today was for it to be the first day of real spring skiing and to everyone's surprise the forecasters got it dead right. Overnight temps were down at -8 so that everything that had softened yesterday was boiler plate if it had been left smooth and just plain ugly if it hadn't. When we arrived at the hill it was a beautiful bluebird day and remained that way all day. In the circumstances it was a case of seeking out the north facing stuff in the morning which hadn't softened yesterday and as such was in ok condition and then in the afternoon moving to the south facing stuff which would have softened in the sun. In the event it wasn't quite like that as the direct south facing stuff got so soft that it was like summer glacier skiing and the better stuff was slightly facing away to give just slightly soft snow. We went to the Old side and as Lizard high traverse was open for the first time in days we crossed to the hump around Cascade and did a couple of loops in untracked but getting a bit of soft powder. Cedar high traverse was open so we went out to Redtree in a rather easier way than yesterday and found it was still mostly untracked and deep winter powder. Next time round we were tempted into the Fish bowl, always meaning to take the Redtree cut out but always being tempted by the steep untacked lower chutes. Three full loops of Fish followed. Totally awesome thigh deep powder mostly untracked in great winter conditions - pity about the hike out each time but no pain no gain. Last run before a late lunch and a buddy tempted me to try Steep and Deep which had many untracked lines but was not a good call as it was very sun affected and heavy. After lunch we went to the New side as I wanted to check on the Saddles which were still closed. Before that we showed a visiting buddy from the UK the way down Falling Star which I think was the first time I skied it this year and it was actually ok if you like groomers. Out on the Reverse Traverse we found all the Saddles closed so skied on to Decline which was ok in the top but a bit crusty in the lower sections. Easter bowl was good if chunky in the mid section and 1-2-3s were great north facing snow. On each loop Lift Line remained in great shape and maybe some of the best snow on the New side. Final run was down Skydive which was approached with some trepidation as Decline had not been that great. To everyone's surprise it skied great soft snow in the top, good but with a little crust setting up in the middle then back to good soft in the lower section. Beer on the deck with buddies. Off to the pub for a meal. I will go to sleep tonight dreaming about the deep powder in Fish bowl which for me at least was the pitch of the season.

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