Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 84 warming up a bit and snow on the way

It was cold again last night, down to about -25 in the Elk Valley. The forecast said it was going to be sunny but actually it was overcast with flurries and strong winds which gave huge amounts of blow in and ok soft snow on the down slope wind streams. Things were so bad that todays Freeski competition was cancelled, partly because of poor viz in Polar chutes, partly because surface conditions were really bad and partly because with the wind the wind chill temp was so cold.

We went to the Old side and spent the morning looping Boom, Boom ridge, Linda's, Cedar ridge, King Fir and of course returning through Kangaroo 5 times. Everything was a bit better with the less cold temps making the base a little less hard and the new/blow in snow providing a soft surface. Cedar Ridge was probably the best snow and almost powder in some places. Kangaroo as always was rough tough and ugly, just the way we like it.

Afternoon was spent on the New Side where the conditions were getting totally wild in the high wind and blowing snow conditions. We went out a long the County Line and tried -
Stag Leap - great soft blow in snow getting better all the time
Secret Chutes - much the same as Stag leap.
Spinal Tap - the snow was much softer than you would have thought but a bit scratchy on the exit.
Cougar Glades - by this time the flurries were really starting to fill in and it was the best run through the glades in many days.
Skydive - Final rip which was so much better than the previous two days it was had to credit what a little fresh and blow in could do.

Forecast for warming temps and a load of snow over the next few days, lets hope it delivers before I head back to the UK for a week to check up on things there next Wednesday.

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