Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 79 busy in the parking lot but no one on the hill

Yeah, it was strange today. We got to the hill about 15 minutes late due to having to pick up a buddies skis from town on the way to the hill. We only just managed to get parked in the very back of Lot 2, this being a holiday Monday, but when we actually got on the hill there were no line ups and at least in the parts of the hill we skied no people.

All the weather reports talked about starting temps of -14 but actually it was about -6 when we hit the hill and stayed at about that temperature all day all over the hill. It was sunny to start with but by the afternoon we had cloud and fairly significant flurries which may well give up some good fresh stuff between now and tomorrow morning.

As White Pass had been broken down yesterday and as a result Currie bowl had been close we went to the New side for what we thought would be the best snow. We bumped into our buddy Rob who was on his split shift today and he had skied the Old side and confirmed that it wasn't that good.

We drifted around Skydive, Stag Leap, Decline, Concussion, Cougar Glades, Secret chutes and Spinal Tap. All were good packed in snow taking an edge due to the huge skier traffic this holiday weekend. The best snow was Spinal Tap with the soft snow having drifted into the creek bed making for great soft deep skiing.

In the afternoon it was much the same thing on much the same runs with much the same results. Only deviation was that we went out to Anaconda and Bootleg glades and the snow in Anaconda was still good deep powder, the best on the hill at the moment. Met up with my buddy Randy and hit Spinal Tap one last time and finished witha rip down Skydive which after the big bumps at the top was just awesome soft bumps.

Devastating evening with my Irish sailing buddies and now bed ready for what might be a powder day tomorrow.

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