Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 80 Skydive untracked, third time in 7 days

Yup, we got first tracks in Skydive yet again but that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves so lets start at the beginning.

Overnight we had snow which was reported as 6 cms of fresh at the 7 o'clock snow plot check but it continued to snow most of the day so it was a whole lot more by last turn. Temps were around -6 and stayed there all day so the snow we had falling stayed in pretty good shape. Conditions were overcast and snowing all day except for the last run when it suddenly brightened up, let's hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

We had a New side day and considering the crowds at the base it was amazing. We got first tracks in Skydive for the third time in a week which is something of a record. Next loop we went into Stag Leap which was also untracked. Third loop was Cougar Glades which were also untracked. Don't know where the people were but sure as hell they weren't where we were and three major runs untracked has to be record. Although things weren't as good as last week they were still pretty good and three untracked major runs speak for themselves.

The rest of the day was taken up with the Brain, Decline, Widow chutes, Loan Fir/Spinal Tap, Secret chutes, Spinal Tap (again) Cougar Glades (twice) etc. In other words we had a great day all over the New side getting fresh or fairly new snow everywhere we went and even though the Skydive traverse was getting a bit technical towards the end it was great fun.

Lost count of all the places we skied but a great day in powder. Possibly more convective cells on the front end of the Arctic high just about the hit us and give us temps right out of the freezer but with a chance of major dumps on the front end of the cycle. We will see.

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