Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 83 and I thought yesterday was cold

The deck temp this morning was -32 and the conditions pure blue bird skies. The RCR web site reported that the lifts would be starting late due to the temps. My Irish guests lacked the enthusiasm for an early start so we had a late breakfast with French Toast and Canadian bacon and my buddy Rob came round to have coffee, breakfast and plan the day. We went for a little tour round taking in the old cotton wood forest by which time it was gone 12 and the temps had warmed to -20. All my buddies declined but I went to the hill, the lifts had started at 10.

Had a New side (half) day scratching around to see what I could find. The very cold overnight temps had set the base up so the whole hill (or at least the bits I tried) was skiing very ugly. All trips down lift line were a bit of an adventure with the hard tracked up snow, cold muscles and variable light meant you had to pay attention at all times.

The Freeski competition had moved to the Knot chutes which was kind of cool as you could watch a couple of runs each time you went up the White Pass chair. Watching the guys skiing the Knot chutes and hocking off the cliffs and landing in the fall line on stuff that I ski half way cautiously was a good reminder that no matter how good you are there are always those who are one hell of a lot better. As a result I took a couple of loops in White Pass which were ok but the up slope wind drift was very hard and packed in.

The main runs of the afternoon were Skydive, Stag Leap, Decline and then Skydive again. The traverse out was pretty mellow after some great work by the trail crew on Currie Creek shoulder. Skydive was about as tough as I have ever skied it with hard bumps, varied surface and generally just very tough conditions. Decline was much the same but a little better. Stag Leap was the best of the lot probably because the ski in through the trees was pretty challenging and as a result the run was softer and less affected by skier traffic.

A few beers after skiing then off to hockey where the Ghostriders won the first of the best of 7 play off series for the division championship against the Creston Valley Thundercats - go riders go. Temps on the way back were -24 so tomorrow could be a bit of a challenge as well.

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