Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 85 Getting better all day and awesome in the outlook

So overnight there was a light dusting of 2 cms of fresh and temps on the way to the hill were about -11. During the day base temps came up to about -4 but further up we had -9 most of the day with strong ridge line winds and overcast conditions. Snow was falling as we arrived if only in a light no moisture form. It carried on all day getting heavier so that by the end we had around 10 cms of fresh with a forecast of another 25 cms to come overnight.

We went to the New side on the grounds that on a Saturday and Sunday the Old side will always have been tracked out by members of the breakfast club, first tracks groups, snow school staff and generally anyone who through money or influence can get to the snow ahead of us regular fare paying customers. The New side remains ( quite rightly in my view) a simple first come first served proposition.

We thought about cutting back into the Gun bowl but the viz didn't look good and we headed out to Skydive for first tracks for the 5th time this year. Stag Leap was really great soft and with only the Tracks of the three guys who jumped in in front of us. Cougar Glades was untracked and nice fill in powder starting to build. After that it was Secrect chutes, Spinal Tap, Easter bowl and Window chutes before lunch. All of these were good and getting better as the snow started to build. A late lunch.

Didn't see much advantage in trying anywhere else so went back to the new side for the afternoon. Much the same as this morning we looped -
Window chutes - one last time to see if Simon could land the log drop for the first time, he couldn't
Lone Fir - Steep and soft in the chute but just awesome soft underneath and into the avi trees, the best snow on the hill so far this year to date.
Spinal tap - just getting better with more fresh, more blow in and more snow pushed into the creek bed from either side.
Stag Leap - filling in and becoming the best and deepest front side run.
Currie Creek - great soft snow in the creek bed with all the bushes now gone.
Skydive - as always a big soft rolling terrain park of fresh snow in these conditions.
A special mention for Mitchy chutes which was always pretty good on the ski down to White Pass.

As we left the hill it was puking snow as it is on the deck now with a deck temp of -6. Forecast is for at least another 25 cms overnight - watch this space. Simon has extended his stay by two days on the strength of what we have.

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