Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 111 Nelsons

For those not familiar with cricket the term Nelsons refers to the score of 111. It apparently refers to Admiral Lord Nelson ( all the ones, one arm one eye one ball) which is strange because while he undoubtably only had one each of the two former there is no evidence to suggest that he was at all lacking in the genitalia department. However the story sticks so there you go.

Today started at -2 with no new snow over night. All day we had a sun/cloud mix with very occasional flurries. As a result of the cloud cover temps didn't start to rise until the afternon and even then only getting to about +3 at the base.

The result was that the snow stayed in good winter conditions just like yesterday until about 2 in the afternoon then there was some softening in the direct sun light but no real slush or corn snow of the type we experienced last week. In summary a good winters day skiing condidering that today was the first of April.

We went to the New side again showing a lack of imagination and confidence that would allow us to risk the unknown properties of the Old side. Once again White Pass was good soft winter snow most of the way down so we had a few runs up and down in such areas as Gun bowl, Highline Trees, I bowl under the lift, Heartland etc.

Taking over from yesterday we headed out along the County Line, skied past Low Saddle, shuffled round the rocks and turned right. Just like yesterday this was excellent untracked powder in the top getting a little firm underneath by the time you reached Gilmar Trail. That was how the morning was spent in various Currie Chutes such as Barracuda, Cornice Chute, Currie Creek, Toms etc and several others. All good, hardly tracked and great fresh snow even if you did have to be careful to slalom the death cookies which at least were easily visible all the way down.

Late lunch and with the offer of a deck party at Corner Pocket we had a quite short but very interesting afternoon. On the way out to Currie chutes we got tempted by Low Saddle and dropped in. As always it was steep and a bit tight but after a few tight turns we turned right and had a great run down in soft snow under the Saddles. A turn into Easter bowl also proved good if tracked up snow.

Next was trip up Knot chutes and then down the second tight chute which was good soft snow getting a little heavy in the direct sun light. Last run was another hike up Knot chutes followed by a traverse and then ridge line ski into Gotta Go. The skiing into the Gotta Go chutes and then down into 3s of 1-2-3s was very good soft snow with only about 4 tracks in front of me. This was and excellent last run with the ski out down a very sketchy Diamond Back.

Plenty of beer at Corner Pocket and now a quiet night in and early night. More flurries about so lets see.

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