Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 110 and the average cost of skiing drops to 8 bucks a day

Yup, it doesn't look like we will quite get the average cost of a days skiing down to $7 but we won't be that far short by the end of the season.

Overnight we had 3 cms of fresh and temps down in town dropped to about - 2 so I guess it got a whole lot colder on the hill and the base was up around 259 cms. We decided to stick to the New side again although reports I got later in the day indicated that the Old side was ok particularly out on Snake ridge.

We ran up and down White Pass several times where taking over from last night the snow was good soft real winter snow particularly up in Gun bowl. We worked our way backwards and forwards between Surprise Trees and Highline trees and found many ways down all of which were good winter skiing.

Going further afield we tried Anaconda which was excellent at the top and bit chunky at the bottom. This decided us on not trying Bootleg which looked like a mess of ugly death cookies and worked our way back down Trespass Trail. Next was 1-2-3s which was great skiing all the way down but in view of what we knew the trip to Timber was via Diamond Back which was just about ok.

I decided to take a risk and hit out to Skydive hoping that the snow flurries that had then started and the colder temps had firmed up yesterday's breakable crust. This proved right and it was pretty good untracked skiing on a rather hard base. Looped Decline with much the same results then did some more in White Pass before having a final run down Stag Leap before lunch in the same conditions as Skydive/Decline.

In the afternoon we looped out along the County Line usually finding out way down from Timber to White Pass via Mitchy's chutes or Lift Line which were both soft at the top and a bit ugly low down.

Most times we traversed high into Cornice chute above Skydive traverse and then having some great untracked turns above the main traverse. We dropped Barracuda, Currie creek and Cougar Glades all of which were mostly untracked and getting better in the flurries. To finish off we did Anaconda, back to White Pass and the final traditional run down Skydive. By this time the snow had stopped but there was plenty of fresh to rip up although it was a little slick on the base at the bottom.

Hot tub, beer and early night. With the snow having got down low the whole hill is looking in much better shape and just maybe we will make it to the closing day in 11 days time without having to resort to down loading. Flurries called for tonight.

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