Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 112 and in fact it was a very good Friday indeed

This morning dawned at -2 and overcast with apparently only 1 cm of fresh snow on the hill although it looked a bit more than that in many places. All day was overcast in anticipation of what is supposed to be a new weather system so the snow stayed in pretty good condition. The result from yesterday was that on the south facing slopes affected by the sun there had been a little softening which had set up over night but the new snow tended to neutralise the effect so that soft snow with a firm base was the worst you were going to get as long as you stayed high.

We went to the New side as is the norm this year. Poking around off White Pass we found pretty well eveything was soft winter snow taking and edge so we spent some time going up and down and jumping off various bits.

Decided to hit out into Currie and found the runs a bit varied - Cougar Glades ( soft at the top but getting a bit firm down the bottom) 1-2-3s ( pretty good soft snow all the way down) Cornice Chute ( firmer than yesterday in the top then great soft snow all the way down until lower Barracuda which was firm) High Saddle ( hard edge to edge jumps through the chute then awesome soft snow) Lone Fir ( great soft snow all the way through the chute and even better below into the top of Easter bowl). After High Saddle and Lone Fir dropped Easter both times which was excellent winter skiing on tracked powder and soft bumps.

As usual late lunch. In the afternoon met up with friends and continued to loop out doing Lone Fir, High Saddle, Anaconda Glades and then finally Lone Fir a third and final time. Again the lower runs into Lizard bowl were all through the excellent Easter which remained in great shape all day. A really good days skiing in soft winter conditions and the snow staying in good shape with the relatively low temps.

Celebrated an exceptionally good late season day with loads of beer in the Griz bar with one of their super sized jugs. More snow called for tonight.

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