Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 30 still looking pretty good

The best thing about day 30 is that the average daily cost of skiing has dropped below 30 bucks a day which has to be good news. It snowed overnight at temps of about-12 giving up 19 cms in the last 24 hours and this pushed the snow base to 188cms, won't be long before we have the 2 metre party.

Arrived at the hill and decided to hit the New side as it had been so good at close yesterday. The new snow had freshened up everything so a chase for fresh tracks was on. Cougar Glades was a great start followed by Mitchy chutes and then far side of Surprise Trees all first tracks and great.

The whole of the rest of the day was spent looping the New side to the base via such places as Anaconda Glades ( steep, deep and awesome) Sykdive ( face shots all the way down) Lone Fir ( a bit of a hike but loads of deep fresh snow and sloughs that could wipe you out) Secret Chutes ( hardly touched all the way down to Freeway) and the Brain ( mostly unskied this year so thigh deep snow all the way down but loads of hazards) etc, etc.

As usual finished with a rip down Skydive top to bottom which was filling in nicely with the snow which had started to come down hard by the late afternoon. As we rolled acroos the parking lot on the way back from the Griz bar we bumped into a patroller buddy who said they were calling for 15-25 cms tonight which if it is right could point to a really awesome day tomorrow.

Considering it was New Years Day ( Happy New Year) the crowds weren't too bad. A couple of line ups at the bottom and out in the places we were skiing just a few other skiers from time to time, but nothing you could describe as crowds. Currently -3 on the deck and snowing.

Tomorrow's report could be slightly erratic due to a big hockey game against the Nitro's after skiing so the odd glass could be taken.

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