Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 28 and the powder starts again

This morning dawned overcast with some very light snow and a couple of centimetres accumulation over night. The temp had warmed up to about -8 where it stayed all day. The best news was that as we got to the hill the snow started to fall, light at first but getting heavier all day and is still falling this evening.

With the viz socked in we decided to hit the old side today and ski in the trees taking the risk that the new snow would have gone some way towards repairing the lower hill which was so damaged by the rain last week.

We tried an early run or two on the Sunny side shoulder which were good with a dusting of cover but poor light. In view of the light we headed over the Cedar ridge and spent the rest of the morning working our way down the ridge in many of the hundred or so variations through the trees and gullys in ever increasing snow deposits which by lunch time started to amount to what you would call powder ( about 10cms of new).

It got so good that we ( or rather I) decided that it was about time to give Kangaroo a proper try out. Two runs through the roo proved interesting with tough icey bumps at the top, alder growth lower down, a big icey drop off on to Cedar trail and then mixed conditions in the bottom section with two stream beds ( could have been fallen trees, you couldn't tell) on the ski out. On the second run watched a boarder try and straight line off the drop off onto the trail and do a double tomahawk on the way down. Having seen me take a half way cautious line you might have thought he would have done the same but not so. Not too much blood and he seemed about able to get himself down to Boom so I let him get on with it.

In the afternoon did much the same looping the old side into Cedar bowl off various bits of Cedar ridge and got in two more Kangaroos. Some years ago I rember reading an article in a UK ski magazine where a reviewer said that he had visited Fernie and "skied the resort out in a day and a half". I ski pretty hard and reckon I could spend two days just skiing Cedar ridge and not ski all of the possibilities so I would just love to meet the guy who wrote the article.

Back at the house for a hot tub and beer which was great. As I type this it is -6 on the deck and snowing so tommorrow could be a really big powder day.

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