Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 25 and it's still a bit nippy

The weather forecasters can't seem to get this quite right. They keep calling for about -12 overnight with day time highs of -5 and what actually happens is over nights of about -24 and daytime highs of about -12. This is all a bit fresh and at the moment is certainly keeping the crowds off the hill. Today we didn't really have to line up at any time, in fact I have never seen fewer people on the hill during the Christmas holidays.

Today was another bluebird day starting at -24 and just for the fun of it the Timber Chair broke down and stayed broken down until after 2 this afternoon thus making none of the New Side available for most of the day. Was the RCR response to reduce the price of the day ticket, not exactly, they not only charged full price but also charged the high season premium. Next week they will be debating why visitor numbers are down, any ideas ?

Hit the old side and stayed on the sides of Bear ( now working, hooray), Sunny side shoulder and Boom, only because we needed bumps to keep us warm. Skied Boom ridge 3 times which with icey tight bumps is now skiing much more like the double black rating that it has on trail maps. Went out to Snake ridge that was ok but the ski out along side KC chutes was very scratchy.

In the mid day session we tried Boom and Sunny side which seemed to have some of the best snow. Took the long hike out to the area fence to test Redtree and Steep and Deep but which were rather chunky and not really worth the effort.

After a late lunch we found Timber chair running ( a real wonder) so we hit the new side. Looped Anaconda and then dropped Bootleg glades which were both in surprisingly good condition - well perhaps not that surprising in the case of Anaconda which does seem to frighten off quite a few people.

Last run of the day was down Skydive which was great. A very significant hoare frost seems to have softened up the surface at the top and even at the bottom the conditions were now almost skiable in most peoples terms.

Loads to drink in the Griz afterwards and now back at home drinking wine and watching the Sound Of Music on TV, perfect.

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