Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 27 and a little more sober today

After last nights excesses we still made the hill by about 9 and found a much warmer day starting at -18 and getting up to -10 by the mid day highs. The conditions were overcast but the very light snow had added a few cms of snow and continued to do so all day. We took the view that the lower old side would not be repaired by the light snow so we decided to hit the new side.

Light wasn't good at the top, in fact it was non existant and it was about an hour before anyone was stupid enough to follow us into the white no mans land of the Gun bowl. We had good skiing in Surprise Trees, and the chutes just before you get there. For a change we hit out to Milky Way trees a couple of times and went straight into Puff trees left which were all nice firm bumps with some dust on top.

Loops to the bottom were via Anaconda and then Bootleg which are both skiing surprising well despite the holiday skier traffic and lack of snow. We also tried Skydive which to no ones surprise was great free riding at the top and very hard work ice crust ( a little less hard work with the new snow) at the bottom. Final run before lunch was through Cougar Glades which were quite heavy but still some quite fresh stuff in the trees. Lower down the ice crust had to be bossed to make for good skiing but subject to that it was ok.

Afternoon was spent looping Surprise, then Anaconda, then up Timber and back to White Pass via lift line. Managed it about 4 times before close each time finding different ways through Surprise and Anaconda where you could still find snow that was soft if not untracked.

Good few beers inthe bar and pased on wing night in view of last nights partying. A quiet night in watching Hockey on TV. As I write this it is -10 on the deck and light snow which the patrol thought wouldn't give up much fresh but who knows.

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