Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 11 and a really nice day

So we woke up this morning to a temp of -17 annd a forecast that said it would go down during the day to -22 which proved to be correct. The hill claimed 11 cms of fresh but actually that must have been the last 24 hours figure so most of it fell yesterday. There had been a dusting overnight and quite a strong wind which had filled in a lot of the tracks on the SE facing slopes.

Never got to the old side today so this is all about the new side. In White Pass the snow had filled in beautifully and we did several laps of Gun bowl/ I bowl / Surprise trees etc. There was hardly anybody around despite the fact that it was Community Appreciation day I guess due to the cold temps although the windchill didn't pick up until later in the day.

Late morning they opened Knot Chutes and I hiked to get about third tracks in there. The bad news was that as third up the track hadn't really been broken so I was sinking in down to my knees on the climb. Totally knackered when I got to the top and had to rest and let a couple of guys jump in. Didn't matter as the chute was mostly unskied and in the deep dip in the middle of the first chute it was thigh deep. Almost took one turn too many and only just managed to traverse out above the Cheese Grater which as always was there to catch the greedy.

Crossing Currie bowl on the high traverse we found that the County Line was open for the first time this season. It has been closed because there has not yet been a big avi off Polar Peak to slide to bottom and fill the sink hole under Polar Chutes - still hasn't happened and you have to keep your eyes open to avoid the hole.

Spent the rest of the day looping out into Concussion, Corner Pocket, Easter bowl etc. For variation cut back into Anaconda and was amazed to find that there were hardly any tracks in there so made the most of the steep deep powder. Best snow seemed to be in the top of Easter. Looks like it might be worth pushing further round that shoulder tomorrow as far as Secret Chutes to see how it goes. Might even be worth trying Skydive if we get a bit more snow.

Outlook is for more flurries over the next few days that might turn to snow and for it to warm up towards the end of the week. Local cable TV station from Spokane is calling for a weather event over the next few days and we normally get the weather two days after Spokane so still hoping.

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