Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 15 Don't mention the R word

It seems that no one will mention the R word - on the radio this morning they told us we had light snow, it was raining - at the hill we were told it was snowing, it was raining. For the record Fernie does get the most amazing amount of snow ( Legendary Powder ) but it would be wrong to think that we spend all day rolling around up to our necks in powder, we also get lots of hail, ice, sleet, rain and fog. As I like to put it, in BC in December we get a lot of precipitation, some of it even comes down as snow.

So we hit the hill with a rain line about half way up meaning that the upper mountain was powder, if a bit heavy, and the lower mountain was like spring skiing. We met up with our buddies Rob ( the Hayling Welder) and Steve and Liz ( Steve the only guy who drags me all over the hill) so the day looked good.

Obviously we hit the new side to go high and get the best snow. The bad news was that the viz at the top wasn't great so we had to get the best out of half way down to the bottom of White Pass. All morning looping White Pass mainly through Surprise trees which now are soft in the base and awesome. Great skiing and good if heavy powder.

No Currie bowl and today even no Anaconda. In the afternoon hit the old side and saw the avi which had closed Lizard, Not a huge fracture line ( about 1 metre) but almost 200 metres across from just under Richard's which slide all the way across Tower 6 trail - all those who doubted the closure of the bowl take note.

Being lower the old side was more spring like and after a couple of laps we were pretty knackered in the very very heavy soft snow. Temps by now were up at +2 and the only thing to do was to go to the bar and in any event they were closing the lifts at the end of the day.

Outlook is interesting with a couple of warm days ( highs of +1) then back to -5/6 with another weather cycle called for over the weekend.

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